Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Food Review: Chipotle Burritos rock!

Amongst all the fast food I can get near New School - Greenwich Village Campus, I prefer 'Chipotle' the most. It is a Mexican Grill and branching over many area not only in the NYC but also over the U.S. I had enjoyed taking out 'Naked Burrito', also called 'Buritto Bowl' when I lived in Madison, Wisconsin and Chicago,Illinois. I'm very glad I can eat them here, too. I tasted a burrito from 'Qdoba', the rival of 'Chipotle', first but I hadn't been there ever since I tried 'Chipotle.' What's great about 'Chipotle's menu is that you have variety of sauces and salsas to choose without extra fee, except guacamole. The rice they use is different from usual Mexican food where they put chili. They mix cilantro and lemon sauce that create somewhat like a taste of Mediterranean food. Their burritos and tacos are more fresh than anywhere else because of their organic meat and vegetables. They make vegetarian friendly food such as grilled vegetable tacos, burrito, or naked burrito. They have own kitchen behind the serving table so you can smell the freshness while you wait in the line. I personally feel more relieved to see the actual cook and how clean the kitchen facility is. Moreover, their interior design is superb in comparison to any other fast food restaurant. The light wooden tiles and floors and stainless posts with circular angle of the space give you special feeling. They even added a new service so you can order your food online ahead of time to pick it up when you want.

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  1. I once saved money for two months to buy my Chipotle burrito Al Pastor with extra avocado. This was after the baby was born so money and time were tight. When I finally got into it, at my writing program desk, the Dean walked by and said, "That looks disgusting!"

    I never forgave him.