Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Technology-Driven Design

Boat Bot

I came across a link last semester of someone hacking in to a wii to make a controller for a canoe motor. No- I have not misspoken, someone has in fact made a motor for their canoe and has hacked in to a wii to make its controller. When I come across a project like this I am reminded of why I went to design school. Though the project was no easy undertaking and I admire the creators just for their technical abilites I must ask why it was made. What about the experience of paddling a canoe needed to be changed? And why was a wii used to control it? Were these additions meant to make the experience less strenuous and more peaceful? I find myself asking these questions again and again because of the design foundation I gained at Parsons. I seek to create tools and objects that have significance even if it is only for a small group of individuals. Indeed design has the potential to help many people if it is used appropriately and effectively which is what I strive for in my educational work.

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