Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Then and Now: Ben Burtt with a lightsaber versus Wall-E

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  1. Due to higher expectation of audiences for better quality of films, It has become more clear that the effect of sound in films and every new released ones need supports of innovative sound design. Especially, Wall E has only few dialogues that needed to be expressively by sound communication. Those robotic voices are brilliant usage because audiences are able to tell what Wall E wants to express.
    Not only the Oscar Winner Ben Burtt created the sound effects for spaceship and laser beam in Star Wars and Star Trek series but also he does not stop creating new sound e.g. using vocals and manipulating pitches in Wall-E.
    Sound is an innovative method to unfold narrative to the audience. Regardless of time, Burtt's sound represent the future whether it was created in 70s or 21st century. Many scientists claim that some people are able to see the future and Burtt is clearly one of them in expressing it via sound. Future of sound design is unlimited for ones who have passion for them.

    -Iva Son