Thursday, February 12, 2009

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7 Random Things About Graphic Design

1. The Michelin man has a name, Monsieur Bibendum. He’s also a century old.

Monsieur Bibendum

2. The Nike swoosh was designed by Carolyn Davidson in 1971, while she was a student at Portland State University. She was paid $35.

3. Woody Allen uses the same typeface in the titles and credits of nearly all of his movies. The typeface is Windsor.

4. According to, the median salary for a graphic designer in the United States is $45,704.

5. The worlds first website(as we know them today) was launched in 1992. You can still visit the URL here.

6.Newly defunct The Designers Republic was hired to design the in-game artwork, packaging and manual for The Wipeout video game series as part of a carefully marketed ploy to position the game among the “fashionable, club-going, music-buying” audience the publisher was trying to attract. The results make Wipeout games some of the most visually stunning ever.

7. The Red Cross is known as The Red Crescent in Muslim countries. Its logo also changes from a cross to a crescent.

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  1. (OUT OF THE INTERNET AND) INTO THE NIGHT is a web animation piece created by Young-Hae Chang Industries, a rising web art group lead by Young-Hae Chang and Marc Voge. INTO THE NIGHT reflects Young Hae Chang Industries’ trademark style, using mostly black and white typography with jazz based background music. The flashing typography can be quite irritating for first time viewers, especially the line coming across the letter “O” for purest type lovers.
    INTO THE NIGHT is a rare piece by Young-Hae Chang Industries using voices. A good choice of computer-generated voices on the fugitives attributes to the imagination of this make-believe world. Though the characters are seemingly non-human, they do contain a touch human emotional qualities such guilt, fear and love. Are the characters a reflection of real people in trying to escape the digitally controlled world? Is this a futuristic world we are about to face? The question becomes deeper and philosophical.
    The change of tone from seriousness to comical is a good relief, especially from the irritating visual repetition of typography treatment in size and layout. The quarrel between the two characters, a common theme of a woman wanting reassurance of love from a man, told in dry mechanical voice is quite hilarious to hear. Hearing a computer singing “Funky Town” is almost surreal. The utopia that they reach at the end, dead or alive after the car accident, is drawn in a child-like style of a smiling sun. A simple happy world we all hope to be in.
    The animation INTO THE NIGHT is a mixture of the opposites (reality and fantasy, seriousness and playfulness, mystery and the expected). Every viewer will have their own conclusion to what this piece might mean to them personally. Whether it’s a social statement or a comical piece, it will definitely open the eyes to new possibilities of typographic animation and web art.

    Grace Park

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  3. I had great pleasure watching the quarrel between the guy and girl in '(0UT 0F THE INTERNET AND) INT0 THE NIGHT'. This tiring and boring trouble also happens to me everyday. By the way I want to rather talk about 'CUNNILINGUS IN N0RTH K0REA'.
    This artist seems trying to talk about female sex freedom pretending herself a North Korean. This trick would greatly work for South Korean viewers. However for the other people, it might be misunderstood. Her main intention was a paradoxical humor that a North Korean whom we assume not much enlightened is talking about progressed sex freedom. All of the dialectical meterialism and capitalism in this movie are just humors. I don't think she really criticizes this issue in terms of capitalism. Even though I assume most of her insistences as a humor, I want to say something aginst some of her opinions. I also feel pity on Koreans in sexual issues. However, first of all, young people are more open-minded about sex thesedays. In addition, it is not appropriate seeing Korean sex issue in terms of sexual equality only.
    If Korean women are piteous, men are also piteous. If women are slaves of men's rules, men are also slaves of rules of themselves. The problem is these rules have been assigned in our mind for a long time on the base of Korean traditional philosophy, confucianism. However these rules conflict with modern people's behaviour. Have you ever thought about Korean husbunds and fathers? They are blindly faithfull about modernized sex life when they are enjoying with girls. However could they keep their mind when they see their wife and dauthers? Fortunately, they have got a double standard (I'm not sure about this translation). They easily come back to a totally different man who believes traditional way when they see their family. However they don't even suffer from their dualism. How do you think? Isn't it piteous?
    On the other hand, inhibited women's freedom also affects to men's freedom. Please, don't say that we are suppressing you. Both women and men are slaves of our own rules. It's our common problem.
    I don't deny our traditional way of thinking. Confucianism has successfully protected our family. However it should be modified now. Both males and females should be changed.

  4. Hyundai Heavy Industries, Samsung Heavy Industries, Russian Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, I’ve have heard, but the Y0UNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES? This given name might notice that this company will put something simple, basic material but heavy. DAKOTA, for example, it is simple style of formation and each story comes with the bottom of history and culture.

    It's pretty obvious that the "tone" or "voice" of Internet literature is more distant and difficult to "locate" than traditional writing. This company seems create new fashion of reading biography into every aspect of literature.

    The company is never interested in graphic design even though there are hundreds of fonts, millions of colors. It looks doesn't know what to do about that.
    The works are direct passed the topic to the audience; the capital, power, desire, etc.

    While watching and listening the percussion of the Korean traditional rhythm flood to the volume of vulgar language of Western, I had to fall into an uncomfortable contradiction as if I got all the irony of the world.